Friday, 23 December 2011

How to Send Free Internet Faxes Over the World

Free Internet Fax, When you don't have a fax machine (also why should we have one - they're almost obsolete), the rare occasion where you really need to send a fax could drive you crazy. Maybe it's sending that primordial paper also you search anywhere before finding that drugstore: yes, they send your Free Internet Fax, but at an outrageous price also you're really not sure that old lady got it right. Or you need to send your CV to that long-awaited dream job also they can't accept email attachments, so you lose an hour searching on Google to that easy way to send fax by email over the internet.

Surely there's a way, it should be easy, no? Well, sorry to tell you but no, you STILL can't send fax by emails. But hey, don't panic! This being said, a lot of websites can offer you a way to send faxes over the internet, only not by email delivery. Also yes, some great websites offer this service for free!

Internet fax free

Zero is the most common one, especially to Canadians. It lets you fax three pages anywhere in Canada also USA for free. On their website, fill out the fax form, enter your e-mail address also type the confirmation code.

Then enter the text of your Internet fax free or attach any text file (or even an Excel spreadsheet!). Then click the Send Free Fax button! Important: you'll need to click the confirmation message in your email inbox BEFORE Fax Zero send your fax! Also, you need to know that these free services will put some advertising on your free fax cover page.

Most of the time, it will be OK. If you need more seriousness on your Internet fax free or if you have bigger needs, you'll have to pay. Other websites offer you great Free Internet Fax services at really low prices. If you want to compare online fax sites, you can read a review at my Canadian Fax website.